The below images are being pulled directly from your instagram account. They can be tailored so that for example only posts containing a certain hashtag is contained. it would also be possible to combine or separately display all your accounts together/apart.


Probably the best of the bunch of plugins – Below Option 1 – good all round

[insta-gallery id=”1″]



Below Option 2 – autorotating carousel – works great on mobile and could be a really good thing to have on your homepage!

[insta-gallery id=”2″]



Below Option 3 – example of making smaller image thumbnails and disabling comment count.

[insta-gallery id=”3″]



BONUS – Pulling in a different insta feed on same page 

[insta-gallery id=”4″]





A runner up plugin which does a nice job. Below example shows clicking images leading straight to your actual instagram account.